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FRP Resins for Corrosion Resistant Fabrications

These guides describe the various resins Beetle Plastics uses to fabricate FRP tanks, pipe, ductwork, and other custom fabrications.  These documents present detailed chemical resistance data needed to assist engineers in specifying and designing corrosion resistant FRP applications.

Hetron and Aropol Resin Selection Guide

Derakane Eopxy Vinyl Ester Resins Chemical Resistance Guide

AOC Corrosion Resistant Resin Guide

Benefits of FRP Fabricated Pipe and Tanks

frp pipe, frp tanksThe chief reason for the popularity of FRP fabricated pipe and tanks is their excellent resistance to corrosion. FRP is often chosen due to its:

  • Corrosion resistance to a wide range of acids, bases,
  • chlorides, solvents, and oxidizers
  • Heat resistance
  • Electrical and thermal insulation
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Low maintenance
  • Requires no cathodic protection, rust-free
  • Ease of repair